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 BPG Maxus is one of the leading media planning & buying specialists and a market-pioneer in digital media solutions.  In 2010, BPG Media formed a strategic alliance with Maxus – GroupM’s Global Media Agency of the Year – to become BPG Maxus and to offer best-in-class media solutions to our rich client portfolio. Maxus operates in 57 markets globally, and through the resources of GroupM, serves clients in over 130 markets worldwide. BPG Maxus recognizes the power of ideas and innovation. Our people are firm believers that great media ideas can stimulate consumers to create and then distribute content in a big way. In the new age of communication, BPG Maxus is helping our clients choose the best channels and marketing models from a wide range of services:

  • Consumer Insights
  • Media and Market Research
  • Media Strategy and Data Analysis
  • Planning and Buying
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Mobile Media
  • Branded Content and Product Placements
  • Out of Home Media
  • Media Marketing Consultancy
  • Relationship Media

At BPG Maxus, we build deeper relationships between consumers and brands; creating more valued communication for businesses and consumers. We call this Relationship Media. The Relationship Media approach is combining very creative communications planning with sophisticated data analytics to deliver bespoke media solutions that will find new ways to excite customers about your brand. To help us navigate this new world we have developed 5 simple principles. Principle 1: Relationship Media is rooted in a deeper understanding of who we’re speaking with, understanding the what, how and why of consumer behavior. Principle 2: Relationship Media means understanding how elements interconnect and reinforce to build a conversation over time. We build relationships by designing longer-term conversations with consumers; knowing what to say, when. Principle 3: Relationship Media asks us to build communication that invites consumer participation, giving consumers the chance to pick up and play with brands. Principle 4: Relationship Media requires a greater focus on building loyalty, crafting communication that exists as powerfully after the moment of purchase as before it. Principle 5: Relationship Media asks us to reinvent traditional marketing and agency timelines, balancing a longer-term vision for media usage with short-term course correction.