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Making the Most of Media Intelligence

Hameed Youssuf for CAMPAIGN magazine

“Constant monitoring and reacting to data are key to making the most of modern channel,”

writes BPG Possible’s Hameed Yousuf.

Are you being served ads that have no relevance to you? With the amount of data users share in the digital space, most advertisers now reach out to audiences with high affinity, with the objective of conversion. Campaigns now have dual responsibilities of driving awareness and conversions that, at an extent, can be executed if done smartly. Media intelligence is one way of helping brands make these strategic decisions. 

Media Intelligence functions like a human brain that differentiates between music and noise around and effectively processes it to take action and respond. It works by gathering public data available through social and digital content in the form of editorials and analyzing them to extract relevant insights. This enables brands to feel the pulse of the consumers and keep a close eye on their competition. There are various tools available in the market to extract this information.

Hameed Youssuf for CAMPAIGN magazine

Hameed Yousuf for CAMPAIGN magazine

With new algorithms kicking in on social media platforms, brand visibility continues to diminish, making it crucial to measure the impact of campaigns. Although the level of measurement has evolved over the years, without the right infrastructure, essential data can be lost if not tracked. From tracking activity on the website through analytics, deep-linking every page on the website and monitoring placements through tracking pixels, every brand asset needs to be connected with more than a call to action.

Once this framework is built, tactics like remarketing and strategies like dynamic retargeting can be employed to function seamlessly, deciphering the data to tweak strategies and existing campaigns.

Measurement isn’t limited to calculating ROI! Brands need to up their game and have answers to questions like – Why users on platform A like their products more than users on platform B? Traditionally allocating more budgets to platform A was a solution, but the game has changed and brands need to pace up to understand the different mindsets of the consumer.

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