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Laurence Mellman
Chief Operating Officer, International Specialist Communications, The United Network and Red Cell Network
Board Member since 2013

Laurence has two separate roles at WPP.  One element is the responsibility for management and oversight of WPP’s portfolio of International Specialist Communications businesses. Companies within this group are involved in disciplines such as advertising, sports marketing, advertising production, TV post-production, direct marketing and financial PR in a number of diverse geographies.

Laurence has undertaken a number of roles at WPP. At the parent company level he has previously had responsibility for managing the Group’s mergers and acquisitions activity in Europe, Africa and Asia and he has also had the role of Director of Special Projects where he undertook a number of roles directly for the Group CEO.

Laurence has a Degree in Commerce and Accounting from The University of Birmingham.  He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse in London and subsequently joined WPP in 1996.